Description Edit

Thwok is a mutated human monster from the first My Singing Monsters. He have dark purple fur, light purple skin, purple eyes, beige nails, striped blue, magenta and red tongue. He have some pieces of metal on his head and a black duvet in his top head. He also have sharped teeth.

Relationship Edit

Allies Edit

  • Peliha
  • Brump
  • Zynth
  • Poewk
  • Dwumrohl
  • Zuuker
  • Screemu
  • Tympa
  • Dermit
  • Gheegur
  • Whajje
  • Creepuscule
  • Blipsqueak
  • Scargo
  • Astropod
  • Pixolotl
  • Bona-Petite
  • Maulch
  • Scaratar
  • Loodvigg
  • Torrt
  • Plixie
  • Attmoz
  • Hornacle
  • Furnoss
  • Glaishur
  • Blasoom
  • Syncopite
  • Vhamp
  • Galvana
  • Mallow
  • Miss
  • Bonk Choy
  • Celery Stalker
  • Chard Guard
  • Grapeshot
  • Cactus
  • Coconut Cannon
  • Nice Shulker

Enemies Edit

  • Alan
  • Arianne
  • Dumpster
  • The Crappy Movie Crew
  • Blasoom ( If he is in his bar)
  • Peliha.exe

Likes Edit

  • His tongue
  • Ice Cream
  • Lollipop
  • Soft Drinks
  • Grape Juice
  • Bass
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • Fireworks
  • Shooting Stars
  • Night
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Sailor Moon

Dislikes Edit

  • Hot or Spicy Food
  • Stomping on his Tongue.
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Rain
  • Loud Noise
  • Jumpscares
  • Dummy Kid (Andy Rip-Off) from Monsters Inc
  • Monsters Inc
  • Five Nights at Freddy's

Appearances Edit

Thwok appeared in "Wake up The Wublins", "Crappy Jail", "Stolen Elytras", "Peliha.exe", "Goofy Wublins" and "The Story of the Wublins" in Underliha. But, he also appeared in music videos like UniThwok, Wublin Mashup Island 2016 and Mega Wublin Mashup ft Grapeshot for the Easter of 2017. He first appeared in UniThwok and the first episode of Underliha "Wake Up the Wublins".

Trivia Edit

  • Him, Extreme Crappy Movie and Peliha.exe are the only three to have a long tongue.
  • Him and Furnoss are the only one to be enemies against Blasoom if they are in Blasoom's bar.
  • Him and Gheegur are the only one to calm Mallow in the episode "Crappy Jail"
  • Thwok is the only one to have a fluo tongue.
  • Him, Extreme Crappy Movie, Dumpster, Miss and Uralume are the only one to have sharp teeth.
  • Him, Brump, Zynth, Poewk and Dwumrohl are the first wublins to appeared in My Singing Monsters in the Wublin Island.
  • Him, Tympa, Gheegur, Whajje, Blipsqueak, Scargo and Pixolotl are the only wublins to don't have their mashup copyright claimed by the idiots of YouTube.

Gallery Edit


Thwok in My Singing Monsters

Thwok plays Pokémon GO

Thwok Playing Pokémon GO. (He's fixing some stuff)

Thwok X May

Thwok seeing May mistakely taken by Chessy the Chest.

Wublin Night 1

Thwok can be seen in one of the couch along with Poewk, Zuuker, Scargo, Gheegur and Zynth watching Peliha.ip's intro bloopers.

Wublin of 2016

Thwok appeared in the Wublin Party in 2017. Thwok taking a selfie with Poewk.

Mega Wublin Mashup ft Grapeshot (Easter Special)52:41

Mega Wublin Mashup ft Grapeshot (Easter Special)

Wublin Mashup Island 201641:57

Wublin Mashup Island 2016



Thwok - Wublin Island00:44

Thwok - Wublin Island

Thwok And Gheegur Duet - Wublin island00:44

Thwok And Gheegur Duet - Wublin island

Credit for calming Mallow. LOL

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