Description Edit

Poewk is a mutated human-animal who is standing at four legs instead of two from the original My Singing Monsters. But, he still can stand on two legs. He is blue with green spots along with a light turquoise plague mask, spiky hands and feet and he has spikes in his knees and elbows. The plague mask also explains why his voice is at a lower volume and when the mask is off of him, he can't see anything.

Relationship Edit

Allies Edit

  • Peliha
  • Miss
  • Brump
  • Zynth
  • Thwok
  • Dwumrohl
  • Zuuker
  • Screemu
  • Tympa
  • Dermit
  • Gheegur
  • Whajje
  • Creepuscule
  • Blipsqueak
  • Scargo
  • Astropod
  • Pixolotl
  • Bona-Petite
  • Scaratar
  • Loodvigg
  • Torrt
  • Plixie
  • Attmoz
  • Hornacle
  • Furnoss
  • Glaishur
  • Blasoom
  • Syncopite
  • Vhamp
  •  ???
  • Mallow
  • Nice Shulker
  • Pripyat Pripyator
  • Charlestron
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Miss

Enemies Edit

  • Alan
  • Arianne
  • Dumpster
  • Peliha.exe
  • Crappy Movie Crew
  • Vhamp (Sometime)

Likes Edit

  • Organ
  • Coaching
  • Computer
  • Running
  • Poking Stuff

Dislikes Edit

  • Being forced to take his mask off
  • Poking people
  • Being forced to ride people
  • Cold
  • Throwing up
  • Dummy Kid (Andy Rip-Off) from Monsters Inc

Appearances Edit

Poewk appeared for the fist time in "Poewked" or "Wake up the Wublins". He appeared in "Wake up the Wublins", "Crappy Jail", "Stolen Elytras", "Peliha.exe", "Prison Break", "Goofy Wublins" and "Story of the Wublins". In the scrapped episode "Peliha and his Girlfriend Tale", you can see him sticking in the ceilings, but Scargo as took his place.

Trivia Edit

  • Poewk is the only one to have the natural voice of Peliha, but the volume of his talking is lower than Peliha.
  • Poewk is the only one to always wear a mask.
  • Him, Miss, Gilbert, ??? and Uralume are the only one who stand in four legs. (In this group, Poewk is the only one who can stands in two legs.)
  • Him, Thwok, Bona-Petite and Loodvigg are the only one who looks like humans. But, they are not actual humans like Peliha or Hatsune Miku.
  • Him and Zuuker are the only wublins to be mistakenly taken for purple instead of blue in the infamous site called

Gallery Edit


Poewk in action.

Poewk - Wublin Island00:15

Poewk - Wublin Island

Mega Wublin Mashup ft Grapeshot (Easter Special)52:41

Mega Wublin Mashup ft Grapeshot (Easter Special)

Wublin Mashup Island 201641:57

Wublin Mashup Island 2016



Nightcore Poewked02:48

Nightcore Poewked


Skin File

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