Description Edit

Miss is a 9 years old siamese obese cat with blue eyes. She got sterilized when she was a little kitten. Her real life form have yellowish-green eyes and she is calico. She was the first pet of Peliha. She is also the oldest pet of Peliha. Gilbert being 4 years old, Uralume 3 years old and Skittles 2 years old. She also have digestive issues and she sometimes hurtfully poops everywhere and meows really loud.

Relationship Edit

Allies Edit

  • Peliha (most of the time)
  • Uralume
  • Skittles
  • Gilbert
  • Chessy the Chest
  • Thwok
  • Poewk

Enemies Edit

  • Peliha (sometime)
  • Crappy Movie Crew
  • Alan
  • Arianne
  • Dumpster
  • Suicide Lee-Yan (sometime)
  • Dr ZomBoss

Likes Edit

  • Slacking off
  • Sleeping
  • Running
  • Going outside
  • Cat Food
  • Licking the Left-Over
  • Getting petted

Dislikes Edit

  • Being used like a doll
  • Pooping
  • Peeing

Appearances Edit

Miss first appeared in the episode "Wake up the Wublins" as a background character. In Crappy Jail, she played a really promenate role of bailing out Mallow, Lana, the wublins, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Mettaton EX. She also appeared in "Stolen Elytras" as a background character again. In Peliha.exe, Miss and Uralume can be seen in a really short instant. But, in a short, Miss played a really important role along with Sans, Papyrus and Peliha.

Trivia Edit

  • Miss is the only female pet that Peliha owns.
  • Her and Dermit are the only obese character to appeared in Underliha.
  • Her, Peliha, DarkCreeper29, Arianne, the Crappy Movie Crew and Lee-Yan are the only characters to be based on real alive entities.
  • In Minecraft, she is a siamese cat with blue eyes. But, in real life, she is a calico cat with yellowish-green eyes.

Name Origin Edit

Miss came from a synonym of girl, woman and many more because she is a female. Her name don't came from a synonym of failing or forgetting. Her name came also of a deceased cat from the same family.

Gallery Edit

Miss Kitten

Miss as a kitten.

Miss Doing the Beat

Miss doing the beat. (She got help from Peliha)


Miss as an adult.

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