Underliha is a webserie who features many characters in the universe of Minecraft posted on videos platform like YouTube. Here is the list of the episodes.

Episodes published Edit

  1. Wake Up the Wublins
  2. Crappy Jail
  3. Stolen Elytras
  4. Peliha.exe

Future episodes Edit

  • The Flood
  • Save Blasoom's Bar
  • Zombie Invasion
  • Prison Break
  • Peliha's Copyright Issues

Potential Remakes Edit

  • Time Travel
  • Another Dimension

Scrapped Episodes Edit

  • Another Dimension (Too Boring)
  • Time Travel (Old Hardrive Died)
  • Peliha and his Girlfriend's Tale (Break-up)

Spin-Off Edit

  • Goofy Wublins

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