Description Edit

Chessy is a Minecraft chest who have a high IQ, it can teleport anything. The command the requester will be in its inventory plus fillers items. It got created by Peliha via using 8 planks. Peliha created a chest and accidentally, his old and dead hardrive fall in the crafting table and that's how Chessy got created. It also permanently took the place of Lee-Yan.

Relationship Edit

Allies Edit

  • Peliha
  • Miss
  • Uralume
  • Skittles
  • Gilbert
  • Blasoom

Enemies Edit

  • Alan
  • Arianne
  • Crappy Movie Crew
  • Suicide Lee-Yan
  • Jo

Likes Edit

  • Serving commands to people
  • Blasoom's Bar

Dislikes Edit

  • Having unnecessary stuff in its inventory
  • Getting open by a person who didn't ask for something
  • Getting his command stolen

Appearances Edit

Chessy the chest first appeared in Stolen Elytras.

Trivia Edit

  • Chessy the Chest is the only major character to be genderless. (If we exclude Scargo because he is hermaphrodite) (Creepuscule can also be mentionned but, Creepuscule is transgender)
  • It, Suicide Lee-Yan and Peliha's future Girlfriend are the only characters who replace Lee-Yan. Arianne was so close to be replaced by Lee-Yan. But because of her behavior, she is still in the webseries.
  • It and Blipsqueak are the only character to speak slowly.

Name Origin Edit

Chessy came from Chest and the suffix of common nickname the consonant + y

Gallery Edit

We don't have any pictures or videos for Chessy the Chest. Your help will be thankful.

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